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We help you use your voice to change your state laws and make elections fair and secure.

If we don’t fix this, everything is at stake

The problem is everyone knows that elections should be safe and fair. Individual states control election laws. But we don’t have adequate laws at the state level to ensure it.

So what do we do?

Complain on social media? NO.
Not vote because people cheat? NO.
Wait for the next presidential election? NO.

But there is an answer.

Election laws are changed by your state representatives. So your state representative is who you have to talk to, and we can help you do that.

You are the one to do it, and we are the ones to help you.

Election laws must be changed state by state; we can help you contact your state representatives and get election laws changed.

RESEARCH HAS PROVED the most effective way to change a policymaker’s opinion is a written and signed note from a constituent from the policymaker’s district.

So we made it simple for you to do just that…

How do we help you?

We have talked with state representatives all over the country. They told us that a written letter or postcard from a voter in their district gets their attention the most. Why?

Because State representatives are often elected by just a few hundred vote difference, a written letter or postcard is viewed as worth hundreds of voters.

  • Email can be faked and come from bots.
  • Robo-dialers can leave voicemails.

But a written, signed, and mailed postcard from you to them gets their attention.

We know how difficult it can feel,
so we made reaching your state representatives easy and effective. Here is how it works:

1 – Click the I’m Ready button and register to contact your state representative.

2 – You can pick to Do It Yourself or have us Do It For You. If you do it yourself, you will get an email from us with everything you need.

3 – If you choose Do It Yourself, create your postcard or letter and mail it to your representative each month.

4 – If you choose, We Do It For You, we will mail a postcard to each of your representatives from you with your address and your signature each month.

Why mail it?

Your state representatives have told us that a mailed letter or postcard from a voter in their district is viewed as hundreds of voters’ voices back home. Email or voicemail is just not the same.

I’ve spent my life helping people act to change policy

And I know how it feels – you can do this.

We are led by John Graves, a lawyer, an influencer in politics, a business entrepreneur, and a Christian voice in the confusing world of politics.

We got into politics because we were sick and tired of our voice not being listened to in all areas of policy-making: local, state, and national. And unlike most other groups, we are mobilizing your voice, not with our message, but yours. We help you use your voice for the change you care about most.

I’m ready to use my voice

Because you care about election integrity

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This documentary, made with the research and support of many of our peers across the country, will give evidence of election fraud in 2020.

So we are asking you to not only Use Your Voice to change election laws in your state but also to get more facts and answers about election fraud.

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