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- We help you use your voice to make elections fair and secure.

We are led by John Graves, a lawyer, an influencer in politics, a business entrepreneur, and a Christian voice in the confusing world of politics.

We got into politics because we were sick and tired of our voice not being listened to in all areas of policy-making: local, state, and national. We help you use your voice for the change you care about most.

Because you care about election integrity

Election integrity is the cornerstone of a healthy democracy, ensuring that the outcomes accurately reflect the will of the people. Measures to support election integrity involve clean voter roles, secure ballot handling, and transparent vote counting. These critical steps maintain public confidence in the electoral system and deter fraudulent activities, allowing citizens to trust that their votes truly matter and are rightly counted.

To ensure fair and secure elections, technology plays a pivotal role. The use of secure electronic voting systems, equipped with end-to-end encryption and rigorous auditing capabilities, can strengthen the trust in the casting and tallying of votes. Such systems must be constantly updated and tested against potential cyber threats to safeguard against interference. Physical security measures, such as monitored ballot drop boxes and tamper-evident seals, further enhance the integrity of the voting process.

The active involvement of citizens is essential to upholding election integrity.

When it comes to election integrity, your voice matters.

Million Voices is an organization that amplifies your voice for maximum impact.


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We are a tax-deductible nonprofit under 501(c)(3) and an Association of Churches under IRC 509(a)(1) and 170(b)(1)(A)(i), effective January 1, 2017. – All donations are tax-deductible. Contact us for more information. Election Integrity is an outreach of Millionvoices.org.

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